While accountants have long practiced under the threat of suit brought by unhappy clients, pressures generated by the current economic downturn have resulted in ever-increasing scrutiny of services provided by these professionals.

We have defended complex accounting malpractice claims ranging from audit services criticized for failing to identify weaknesses in the client's internal controls, failing to unearth defalcations by the client's trusted employees, failing to discover bank teller embezzlements to claims asserting that the accountants provided inaccurate, incorrect or misleading business advice, tax planning or tax advice.

We have defended accounting malpractice claims instituted by the accounting client's lending partners, such as the client's bank or the client's sureties extending construction bond credit, who have claimed injury due to reliance on allegedly misleading audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements. We have defended accountants who provided audit or business advice to corporations against suits filed by the client's stockholders.

It is not just these direct clients who bring lawsuits against accountants. We have also defended cases brought by third persons with whom an accountant has no direct relationship.

The lawyers of Bell, Moore & Richter S.C. have broad and extensive experience defending accountants and accounting firms against the whole range of potential professional malpractice claims which may be asserted against them. If the need arises, let us put that experience to work protecting your interests or the interests of your insureds.

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