Civil Rights & Municipal Litigation

Our attorneys successfully defend municipalities and other governmental entities at all levels from administrative hearings to state and federal court, in diverse matters ranging from employment claims to zoning disputes.

Bell, Moore & Richter, S.C. handles a broad range of issues involving municipalities and other government entities (state, counties, villages, cities, towns, school districts, and their employees). Such entities have a tremendous variety of contacts with individuals and our lawyers have successfully represented clients under many circumstances.

Unlike the private sector, governmental employers are subject to due process requirements and many cases against municipalities involve due process or other constitutional claims. We are well-versed in the notice of claim requirements and governmental immunities, two of the many things that are unique to this practice area. Governmental entities are also subject to liability for every kind of tort as well as premises liability and safe-place claims.

The firm has defended municipal entities in employment cases, including those involving accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wage disputes, hiring, firing, and disciplinary actions. We have handled cases involving land-use and complex zoning issues, including permitting and environmental considerations. We have defended state prison and county jail employees against allegations of excessive force, sexual impropriety, denial of visitation rights, lack of medical care, and improper conditions of confinement and supervised release.

Our municipal lawyers have successfully handled cases in state and federal courts and at administrative hearings.