Business Litigation

Business transactions don’t always turn out as you hope when you enter into them. In these situations, you need the services of our experienced business litigators.

Unfortunately, not all business transactions turn out as we hoped when we entered into them. Occasionally we might find it necessary to take a dispute to court for resolution, and sometimes business people find themselves drawn into lawsuits that they never saw coming.

In the defense of business litigation, we bring to bear the experience and judgment of seasoned practitioners from both business and transactional counselors, on the one hand, and proven civil litigation practitioners on the other. We have defended a broad spectrum of business litigation cases involving multi-million dollar disputes involving:

  • Business partners

  • Breach of non-compete agreements, production or delivery contracts

  • Construction industry claims among owners

  • Designers and contractors ranging from school "sick building" claims to defective aggregated siding panels on a high rise hotel

  • Employee discrimination or benefit claims

  • Misappropriation of trade secrets, client lists and intellectual property

  • Owners and investors in closely held businesses

  • Shareholder derivative based claims

In fact, if you are in business, you will likely be involved in some type of business litigation, either as a plaintiff pursuing your rights and remedies, or as a defendant standing your ground.

We have defended countless extra-contractual insurance company bad faith claims and lenders in bad faith claims, as well. Our depth of knowledge and experience in litigation of insurance coverage issues is of great value to our business litigation clients.