Finance and Financial Institutions

Scope of Practice

Our Financial Institutions Group provides practical, price-competitive counsel to clients throughout all stages of complex banking transactions, including asset-based financing, leveraged acquisitions, private placements, construction and real estate lending, loan work-outs and restructurings, and general corporate counsel.

  • Finance

Our firm represents borrowers and lenders in all kinds of financing. We have experience with unconventional real estate financing, conventional mortgage and other asset-secured financing, as well as familiarity with private placements made under trust indentures. 

  • Real Estate

Our attorneys combine an extensive knowledge of the current real estate market with a high level of proficiency in secured transactions and bankruptcy to provide effective counsel to our commercial and residential real estate clients.

We can help with: drafting and negotiation of commercial leases; the sale, purchase, and development of commercial and residential property, including drafting and negotiation of offers to purchase and construction contracts; the formation of condominium associations and representation of their interests in such matters as insurance questions and governance; commercial property sale, purchase and development transactions; tax issues; construction liens (private and public projects); and complex real estate litigation.

  • Taxation

We provide broad-based tax services. Our attorneys have had extensive training and experience in tax ramifications surrounding personal and commercial transactions and real estate transfers. Our experience includes negotiation of tax audits, consulting with CPAs, trials to the Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission, and trials to the U.S. Tax Court.

  • Bankruptcy

We can assist with Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, and creditor representation with respect to individual bankruptcies as well as corporations and other entities.

  • Commercial Collection and Creditor’s Rights

Our Financial Institutions Group is prepared to service your managed asset needs.

Every organization will at some time be confronted with a customer or client who fails to pay. When this happens, our business attorneys and litigators can assist you both pro-actively and reactively to protect your interests. Pro-active planning can greatly increase your chance of collecting debts owed to you by, for example, securing such obligations. We can also help you develop customer or client agreements or special situation agreements to protect your interests as a creditor.

When a debtor fails to pay, we can assist in the recovery process. Whether this involves a negotiated settlement, pursuit and sale of personal property, real estate, or other collateral; obtaining personal judgments; post-judgment collection efforts; or relief from bankruptcy stay or discharge, we are here to help navigate you through the collection process.

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

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