Post-Judgment Matters

Child Custody & Physical Placement

There are many different options available for establishing custody and parenting time, all of which focus on the children's best interests. Although courts often prefer to allow the involved parties to craft their own solutions, child custody disputes may become contentious. Our family law attorneys are sensitive to the needs of families under stress, and are experienced in working with other professionals to help you resolve these most difficult issues.

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Child Support

We represent parents seeking to increase or decrease child support obligations. Our attorneys will explain what factors the court considers when calculating child support, how the process of paying/receiving child support works, and what other issues are necessarily involved such as out-of-pocket expenses, tax exemptions, filing status, and health insurance. If there is a substantial and continuing change in the financial circumstances of a parent or a minor child becomes emancipated, our attorneys can help you modify the current child support order to reflect these changes.

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