Legal Separation

For some couples seeking to restructure their relationship, legal separation may be a better fit than divorce.

Through legal separation, a marriage remains intact while the legal relationships between the parties and within the family are reconfigured. A couple may choose separation rather than divorce for religious or spiritual reasons. Financial considerations, particularly with respect to health insurance, may also inspire this choice.

The procedure for obtaining a legal separation is nearly identical to that for divorce. Likewise, the legal issues presented in separation include property division and maintenance (spousal support); where minor children are involved, legal custody, physical placement, child support, and related matters must also be addressed. However, legal separation involves additional considerations as compared to a divorce, because the marital relationship continues into the future. Our attorneys can assist you in determining which path makes the most sense for you and your marriage. However you decide to move forward, our firm's lawyers can walk alongside you and provide trustworthy counsel tailored to your needs and goals.