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Family Services

When faced with a legal issue that impacts your family, have confidence in our comprehensive, first-rate counsel. You can expect respectful, caring, and expert guidance as you navigate family-related matters from divorce to child custody and support.


Divorce law can be complex and divorce is often an emotional time. Our attorneys have honed their negotiating skills over the course of hundreds of divorce cases. We can work with you to effectively resolve disputes about property division and support and maintenance obligations. We also have a special emphasis in the valuation and division of real estate and business interests. Our family law practitioners have the specialized education and experience required to understand the important issues and can work with CPAs and business valuation experts as needed to provide our clients with favorable solutions.

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Legal Separation

For some couples seeking to restructure their relationship, legal separation may be a better fit than divorce.

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Marital Property Agreements, Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial

Upon marriage and re-marriage, many people plan for the security of their assets and the financial future of their children. Unmarried partners often face the same issues. Our experienced family law and estate planning attorneys can guide your planning by drafting pre-marital, marital property, and other agreements designed to meet your specific needs.

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Each family is formed in its own, unique way. We understand that parents need not be married to each other to parent their children well. However, some folks are surprised to learn that an unmarried father or non-birthing parent is not automatically granted legal custody or physical placement solely by virtue of being named on a child’s birth certificate.

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