A carefully and properly drafted contract is the cornerstone of every successful business transaction. Our experienced attorneys will guide you and/or your business through drafting, negotiating and reviewing all types of commercial or other contracts. We can also help develop standardized form contracts for use in your business in a cost effective manner.

Our firm represents businesses and individuals in a wide-range of contract matters, including:

  • Commercial contracts

  • Real estate purchase agreements

  • Employment agreements, including consulting agreements and independent contractor agreements

  • Residential and commercial lease agreements

  • Contracts related to the purchase or sale of a business

  • Construction contracts

  • Other types of contracts

Although the intent of entering into a contract is to clearly state each party’s rights and responsibilities regarding the transaction, contract disputes sometimes arise. In the event of a contract breach or dispute, our attorneys have extensive experience in dispute resolution and litigation to help you aggressively assert your rights and achieve your business goals.