Commercial Collection

Every business owner will at some time be confronted with a customer or client who fails to pay. When this happens, our business attorneys and litigators can assist you both pro-actively and reactively to protect your interests. Pro-active planning can greatly increase your chance of collecting debts owed to you by, for example, securing such obligations. We can also help you develop customer or client agreements or special situation agreements to protect your interests as a creditor.

When a debtor fails to pay, we can assist in the recovery process. Whether this involves:

  • Negotiated settlement

  • Pursuit and sale of personal property, real estate or other collateral

  • Obtaining personal judgments or post-judgment collection efforts

  • Relief from bankruptcy stay or discharge

  • Prepare garnishment actions against debtors

  • Prepare settlement agreements

  • Facilitate debt collection and accounting

  • Initiate receiverships

We are here to help navigate you through the collection process.