Environmental Law

Failure to secure proper licenses or permits or failing to properly contain existing or potential environmental risks can expose businesses and business owners to substantial liability. We can assist you in managing these issues.

Businesses typically run into environmental issues through the operation of a business which may create a risk to the environment or through the acquisition of business interests or real estate that involve existing or potential environmental hazards.

Our team offers broad experience in environmental law. We can help manage the issues that confront businesses, particularly in the acquisition and sale of business interests and real estate. We are also experienced in helping businesses and other entities that have environmental impacts, including water-related impacts.

We have experience with state and federal environmental laws in many contexts, including:

  • Due diligence review and negotiation of environmental risks in business and real estate transactions.

  • Environmental disclosures and allocation of risks in business transactions.

  • Remediation of soil and groundwater under state and federal clean up programs.

  • Cost recovery actions for environmental remediation work.

  • State permitting of businesses and municipalities under the Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit program (WPDES) and defense of permit challenges.

  • Defense of clients in government environmental enforcement actions.

  • Regulatory compliance with industry-specific environmental and zoning standards at the state and local levels.

  • Transactions relating to the acquisition and sale of alternative energy technologies.

  • Evaluation of environmental insurance options and management of insurance coverage issues.

  • Representing two villages in the development of intermunicipal organization for wastewater management, including facilitation of regulatory aspects of development of joint wastewater treatment plant.

  • Representing private industrial waste management company on several issues, including issuance of and challenges to Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination Permit Program, state enforcement, local conditional use permit and zoning litigation.

  • Lobbying on behalf of a municipal wastewater association comprised of over 90 Wisconsin municipalities that operate wastewater treatment plants, on regulatory and policy developments that affect wastewater management.