Employment & Labor Law

Our Employment, Labor and Benefits Group offers clients broad experience in addressing sophisticated employee benefits, ERISA, health care policy and compliance, and compensation matters. Our clients turn to us for help navigating the changing dynamics of their industry as well as new legislative issues.

Auditing Legal Compliance

Between federal law, state law, and local law, knowing which laws apply to your business can be difficult. Our attorneys can help you determine whether a certain law applies and how to ensure that your company is in compliance. In the event that you are not compliant, they can help you get there.


Our attorneys advise clients on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the tax code and regulations, and other benefit laws related to all types of plans: qualified retirement plans, nonqualified deferred compensation plans, cafeteria plans, and health and welfare plans.

Employment Law and Compensation

Our attorneys are versed in all areas of the law surrounding employer/employee relations. This includes all aspects of the regulation of the employer/employee contract, wages and hours, conditions of employment, discrimination issues, non-compete covenants, confidentiality agreements, and the protection of trade secrets. Our clients include business owners as well as valued employees.

Employment Safety
OSHA compliance is vitally important, not only to employees and the public, but to employers. OSHA infractions can lead to serious fines and even facility closure. Our attorneys can guide you through an investigation, settlement discussion, or appeal.

Health Care

We provide private companies and employers with advice on business and employment issues related to employee benefit plans for health, dental, life, disability, severance and other benefits. Our experience includes drafting and reviewing cafeteria plans and health savings accounts, advising on coverage and taxation under state and federal law, and assisting clients with ongoing compliance matters.

Labor Law

Employers may already have a workforce consisting of unionized workers or face a unionizing effort. Our attorneys can assist in the preparation and negotiation of labor contracts as well as guidance on unfair labor practices and other labor issues. In the event of grievance arbitration or civil suit, we can help develop a strategy to resolve the matter and protect your interests.

Policy Development and Training

Having solid, workable policies is the best way to limit employment and labor law disputes. We understand that no two employers are the same and cookie-cutter policies do not provide the best protection for most businesses. We draft policies that are employer-specific. Understanding, communicating, and applying employment policies are just as important as having them in the first place. Our attorneys can efficiently and effectively train your staff on your policies.

Qualified Retirement Plans and Other Employee Benefits

We have broad capabilities in the employee benefits arena. Our experience includes identifying special employee benefits issues in mergers & acquisitions, reviewing deferred compensation for compliance, design and compliance of employee stock ownership plans, following new legislation and monitoring clients’ benefits arrangements for compliance, counseling clients on qualified plan correction and termination, and advising on complex tax issues.