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September 6, 2016

In deciding a significant duty to defend case June 30, our Wisconsin Supreme Court cited BMR’s Sheila Sullivan four separate times as authority for its decision.  

For example:

“As noted in a treatise on Wisconsin law, ‘that statement . . . does not cite to any supporting authority.  This is probably because case after case in Wisconsin has held that an insurance company’s obligation to defend is based on the entire contract.’  Sheila M. Sullivan, et al., Anderson on "Wisconsin Insurance Law" Section 7.23 (Seventh Edition 2015).”   [Marks v. Houston Casualty Co., 2016 WI 53, 369 Wis. 2d 547.]

We here at Bell, Moore & Richter are justifiably proud of the excellent work and encyclopedic knowledge that Sheila Sullivan brings to her efforts editing Wisconsin’s seminal treatise on insurance law.  We urge you to consider putting Sheila’s cutting edge knowledge of insurance coverage and appellate law issues to work for you.  Please reach out to Sheila directly at or call her at 608-259-2315.

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