Employment Litigation

Scope of Practice

Bell, Moore & Richter, S.C. provides employment and labor law consulting and litigation services.  We take a proactive approach when consulting about employment policy development, enforcement, and the application of federal, state and local laws to an employer's business.  We represent private and governmental employers in the defense of discrimination, retaliation and other employment claims.

  • Defense of Discrimination, Retaliation and Other Employment Claims

Whether the employer is big or small, private or public, unionized or not, we can help.  Our attorneys have experience before the Equal Rights Division, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Labor and Industry Review Comission and the courts.  We understand the needs of employers and the plethora of challenges that arise when dealing with employee management.  We can work with your business to effectively resolve disputes involving discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour claims, employment, collective bargaining, and employment contracts, to name a few.

  • Policy Development and Training

Having solid, workable policies is the best way to limit employment and labor law disputes.  We understand that no two employers are the same and cookie-cutter policies do not provide the best protection for most businesses.  We draft policies that are employer-specific.  Understanding, communicating, and applying employment policies are just as important as having them in the first place.  Our attorneys can efficiently and effectively train your staff on your policies.

  • Auditing Legal Compliance

Between federal law, state law, and local law, knowing which laws apply to your business can be difficult.  Our attorneys can help you determine whether a certain law applies and how to ensure that your company is in compliance.  In the event that you are not compliant, they can help you get there.

  • Employment Safety

OSHA compliance is vitally important, not only to employees and the public, but to employers.  OSHA infractions can lead to serious fines and even facility closure.  Our attorneys can guide you through an investigation, settlement discussion, or appeal.

Wisconsin Labor Standards Bureau http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/er/labor_standards_bureau/ Wisconsin Fair Employment Law http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/er/discrimination_civil_rights/fair_employment_law.htm US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission http://www.eeoc.gov/

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